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‘What I experience with horses is, above all, a question of very practical, clearly formulated communication: a certain gesture, for example, or a sequence of different gestures and energetic information. Feelings and emotions become a clear expression, as precise as possible. I experience emotions, feelings and non-verbal exchanges as something very exact, which is then conveyed clearly and unambiguously to the horse.’
Each group of five had two sessions with the body awareness trainer on the Saturday: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This was followed by a further sesson on the Sunday. We wanted more but we ran out of time.
Body Awareness 
body language body language Communicating with clarity and precision... against a background of relaxation.
‘Conscious and targeted tension and then complete relaxation a moment later — that is a very important basis for using our bodies as an authentic means of communication, and not just with horses. Yet is this a question of physical training, more than anything else? No! It is primarily a question of mental attitude. The body then tries to find the right way. And it will find it.’
from The Horse Seeks Me by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
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