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Today I know that really positive, authentic togetherness with a horse is always based on a positive, authentic approach to life. A horse can see through any mask. He can recognise sadness, despondency, fear and despair, but also inner strength, calmness and happiness, and he reacts accordingly  
The person gets three plus signs here, because he works on his own unique qualities as a helper, mentor and healer and on his exemplary leadership qualities, his body language and his coming to awareness, until the horse really wants to come to him, not because everything else has been spoiled for him and he simply gives up and gives in. No, simply because he really wants to build closeness to this person. The horse wants to follow this person because he believes and genuinely trusts in him. A person who acts in this way will lead the horse through all obstacles and apparent dangers, obviously including into a trailer, because the horse thinks there can be no danger where this worthy and graceful person is. from The Horse Seeks Me by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling  
While one group did body awareness, the other had two sessions of close reading of the first two and a half chapters of the book. Our discussions helped us become more aware of Klaus’ overall appoach.
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