Horses and Humans
becoming the kind of human a horse seeks to be with
© (Andrew-Glyn Smail), 2023

Being Human(s) for Horses

The knowledge that humans have of horses is impressively extensive, if the number of books, magazines, research papers, websites, audio-visual documentaries and films is anything to go by, not to mention the reflection of humans’ understanding and imagination of the horse in our culture and the arts. Yet, if we are utterly honest with ourselves, when we examine the way in which we keep, use, relate to and interact with horses, the bulk of the available evidence reveals a profound ignorance on our part of the intrinsic nature of the horse. An understanding of the intrinsic nature of the horse points to the opportunity to employ a completely new paradigm in our approach to the horse, one based on choice rather than control, connection instead of coercion, and communication as opposed to conditioning. In all of this energy is the key. It is an approach which appeals to the growing tide of humans around the world who are searching for a new way of being with horses, one that is more in tune with their needs and requirements as equines, which also contributes to their psychological and emotional well-being, and which facilitates understanding and trust between the species. This is not some pie-in-the-sky, air-fairy fantasy. Rather, it is a reality that I now experience with my own horses without tools of restraint, instruments of coercion and conscious training. And it is a dream that any human can live if they are really committed to doing so. Such a path to the horse is open to all of us. It is a simple one to take and allows us to discover the power of being with horses. Humans for horses, is it not time to be fully human ... for them, for ourselves? (approx. 87,895 words)


***** This is a definite 5 star review .. it is a book written from the depths of a human that has had a shift to a level of humanity that people strive to be at. I was travelling through this shift and this book and the Author was the hand that reaches out to hold yours and gently lead you through the journey .. i will keep this book forever and revert back to it and read it over throughout my life .. my recommendation is definitely there at all times and honour the author and content .. it has made a great impact on my life .. Thank you Andrew for such a great book and look forward to reading more. Being Humans for Horses allows the human to find the true person within themselves to connect to the sentient being the horse is .. so we are all honoured in its true sense ... (Ursula S. on Smashwords)

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